Host the perfect spooky party


Lots of us would like to keep our family and friends close to home on Halloween. We all love the traditions of this holiday, and probably have great memories about it, but these days it seems better to keep our kids and teens off the street.I have experienced a lot of fun throwing Halloween night parties with regard to children, grown ups, and teens. Continue reading

You do not need an excuse to have fun on Halloween. Just throw a party! Plenty of Halloween party themes exist; you just have to pick the right one.

Guest Preferences

The kind of guests that you have invited to your party will influence the kind of theme that you pick out for Halloween. Continue reading


Every Halloween you hear about the same parties: zombies, vampires, werewolves. Somebody hangs black and orange crate paper and plays Michael Jackson’s hit ‘Thriller’ on repeat. But this Halloween you can take your party to unique heights with distinctive and delicious themed drinks. There are hundreds of Halloween cocktails to choose from, but we have a convenient shortlist of the most popular selections. Continue reading


Halloween is a fun and spooky holiday, perfect for holding parties with family and friends. Apart from costumes which are a key part of the holiday, Halloween recipes and sweet treats are another essential part of any Halloween get-together. Continue reading


Halloween is a holiday full of drama and entertainment for kids and grown ups alike. Colorful candies in all shapes and flavors are delightful treats for kids who go from door to door with their ‘trick or treat’ cries. The costumes add all the flair to the celebration; from spooky to fun dresses, it is all about fun with creative Halloween decoration ideas to lift everyone’s spirits. Continue reading